Private Consult and Treatment

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In-Network Insurance 

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Initial consults (1 1/2 hours) involve thorough intake and evaluation. We review relevant medical history and utilize traditional pulse, tongue and abdominal examination. You can submit medical test results and establish communication with other health care providers, to integrate within your overall wellness strategy and medical care.

We can also take the time to dialogue with you about the nature of the health concern, so that you achieve a comprehensive picture based in traditional medicine. It can be very helpful to not only benefit from the experience of acupuncture, but also have a clear sense of what you might expect for acute and longterm care.

According to the nature of the concern, different methods of acupuncture and adjunct therapeutic modalities are employed. As an acupuncturist, I am versatile and work skillfully, without invasive needling methods. 

My practice has been known for its full spectrum care. My multidisciplinary includes expertise in several traditional, manual and external therapies. (Tuina, Shiatsu, Craniosacral, Visceral Manipulation, Marma, etc.)

Well visit

Herbal Medicine Evaluation

While acupuncture is the dominant methodology of Chinese Medicine in the U.S., there's more to what we do then needles. Perhaps you, your child or relative are needle shy, or already have a trusted practitioner in your area and are in need of an experienced herbalist, a fresh perspective or want to learn more about the mindbody perspectives of Asian medicine .

In a one hour session, we take a thorough look at your diet, seasonal regimen and overall health and medical history. We review your supplements and self-care strategies and help provide a more comprehensive approach. Many consider this there traditional medicine "well visit," or seasonal check-in, to ensure that all is on track or to discuss progress, what's "going on" healthwise - minus the needles.

This consult service will be of benefit if you are seeking a more suitable diet, for detoxification or rejuvenation or to address a chronic health condition. If you are interested in the therapeutic applications of yoga, we can design a course of practice suitable for you. 

This traditional herbal medicine consult may particularly benefit a variety of digestive, mood, skin, immune and metabolic disorders.

Wellness Offerings

Meditation Training

Yoga Therapy

Diet and Lifestyle Counseling


In these 60-minute sessions, we address your primary health concern and explore and incorporate mindbody and self-healing practices - including yoga, qigong, mindfulness meditation and compassion training. Therapeutic exercise based in traditional Asian medicine principles, self-massage and experiential learning are taught in order to foster a healing regimen or daily/seasonal routine best suited to your needs.

If you are looking to better understand your health through the lens of yoga psychology, traditional mindbody practices or a meditation practitioner looking to integrate healing into your repertoire, these sessions are well-suited. In addition, if you are a yoga educator, these informative meetings can help fine tune how you approach yoga therapeutically.

Awakening the “Healing Self”

(Chikitsa Purusha)

Contemplative Asian Medicine Practice

James offers a unique body of contemplative techniques and process work, bridging together Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Traditional Medicine.

These unique approaches to embodied self-awareness and bodymind integration are offered in private sessions, groups or retreat settings.


One on One, or small group classes available (Mindfulness, Calm Abiding and Yogic Self-Healing Methods).