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Contemplative Healing Series - 2020

Exploring Culture and Practice in Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine

We ha provided quality education in traditional Asian Medicine, contemplative practice and yoga for over a decade. We have hosted clinicians, researchers, mindbody and wellness experts and traditional healers. Through live and online seminars, retreats and teaching events we have served diverse communities. We continue to promote secular and traditional Buddhist and yogic practice, but now focus upon interdisciplinary work, bridging the contemplative neuroscience, psychotherapy, traditional healing arts and academic and scholarly research.​

STAY TUNED! We are in the process of developing an auxiliary site for those interested in our CONTEMPLATIVE MEDICINE and HEALING TRAININGS. 

James will be teaching/assisting and offering webinars on the "Breath Practices, Pranayama and Subtle energy in meditation" and other related coursework.

PAST EVENTS (Samaya Education)

Mark Dyczkowski

Somdev Vasudeva

Hilary Garivaltas

Anam Thubten

Lama Vajranatha

Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche

Lama Glenn H. Mullin

Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche

Lama Rangbar Nyima Ozer

Lama Tsering Everest

Dr. C. Pierce Salguero

Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

Dr Claudia Welch

Geshe Kunchap Nyima Rinpoche

Adzom Gyalse Rinpoche

Phakyab Rinpo


MindBody Offerings

Individual Instruction in Mindfulness, Calm Abiding and Self-Healing

Single Class (1 hr) – The Single class format is to introduce one or two useful methods, with the initial period of discussion to establish the preferred form of pactice the participant will learn in the course of the session.

Four Session (4hrs total) – A four session class provides an overview of Calm-Abiding and Mindfulness Techniques. Depending upon individual interest, these tutorials can be focused on a few techniques, or introduce the broad spectrum of mindfulness methods, not often taught in many retreat settings.

Six Session (6hrs) – This format provides an opportunity to learn Self-healing methods – including loving-kindness, self-compassion, sound meditation or visualization—specifically tailored to your goals. The six session can also be used to deepen your experience in the arts of concentration and mindfulness. 

Some unique methods from our MINDFUL BODY and SOUL OF HEALING Courses may be introduced, as they relate to personal healing goals.

Breathwork and Relaxation

Whether you are seeking instruction in traditional pranayama, or breathwork and relaxation methods for energy, mood or sleep, we can establish a regimen of practical techniques suited to your needs. 


Yoga has been my lifeline to both Asian Medicine and contemplative practice. For over twenty-five years it is the discipline that has rooted my inquiry, and as a mentor, Dr. George Feuerstein influenced my approach to study of the religious and medical traditions of Asian.

I've been involved with Yoga education since 2000 - through teaching classes, workshops, leading retreats and at professional trainings (YTT). My innovative curriculums have been featured at a number of trainings at the 200 and 500hr level, especially around the integration of traditional yoga, medicine and the subtle body.

I value personal retreat as training ground, but as a parent and clinician I've come to appreci both the traditional and secular, “postmodern” and engaged Buddhism and yoga therapy all as enriching models of practice. I've taken the last five years reassessing and refining approaches to how these traditional models relate with contemporary scientific and therapeutic achievements. Our own culturo-historic context provides for a meaningful and rich discovery of hybrid forms, technologies and approaches.

The integration of the wisdom of these currents of healing and transformation reflects an exciting and hopeful impasse.

Courses and Training Segments

Our teaching focus has shifted from study of traditional yoga shastra, to applied and interdisciplinary study. The methods of traditional yoga of India, China and Tibet find unique application in the context of healing, psychotherapies, contemplative neuroscience and Asian Medicine.

Hatha Yoga, shamatha, vipassana, qigong and neidan, and the like are appreciated in their cultural contexts of practice. Increasingly, academics and scholars continue to expand and diversify our knowledge in these areas. Prior to integration, engagement with traditional forms - with their unique views of the body, epistemologies of healing and claims are to tested through practice. 

As contemporary practitioners, we might also invite our own distinct methodologies of discourse, so that we might better understand the particular issues of our own embodiment, our unique times and establish meaning in the contexts of our lives. 


Yoga and Traditional Medicine

Yogic Body - Subtle Body Presentation

Yoga Materia Medica

Foundations of Ayurveda

Ayurveda - Anatomy and Physiology I

Ayurveda - Anatomy and Physiology II

Daily and Seasonal Regimens in Ayurveda

Men's Health in Traditional Medicine

Women's Health in Traditional Medicine

Fertility and Perinatal care in Traditional Medicine

Integrative Ayurvedic and Chinese Dietary Theory


Neuroscience, Healing and Contemplative Practice

Marma Theory and Applications in Yoga

Vayus - Evaluation and Therapeutics

Myoskeletal Marmas and Core Patterns in Practice

Yoga in Contemporary Therapeutic Context

Psyche in Traditional Medicine and Yoga

Psychotherapies of Traditional Medicine

Contemplative Healing Blog